• of the community you serve in
  • of the goals of the organization in which you’ll serve


  • goes above and beyond
  • sees projects to completion
  • takes an idea and moves it to fruition
  • works independently with minimal direction
  • communicates with others effectively across hierarchical structures
  • demonstrates leadership


  • gives and receives feedback
  • continuously learns and converts feedback into action
  • willing to be coached to learn and trained and managed to be more effective
  • Utilizes own skills and knowledge to make better decisions



  • to time, communications, and common sense
  • faces challenges head-on
  • dependable and delivers on promises


  • able to work with others to accomplish goals
  • calls upon diverse networks


  • sees the assets in a variety of communities
  • adapts to changing environments
  • utilizes critical thought, problem solving, goal setting, and assessment
  • understands there are multiple ways to accomplish goals


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