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Paid Fellowship opportunity for Alumni in Colorado, Minnesota, DC, Wisconsin!
Per the grant stipulations, the alum must be physically based in one of these locations and 25 or under.

The Alumni team at the Public Allies National Office is offering our first ever paid Storytelling Fellowship in partnership with National Geographic’s Storytelling for Impact curriculum. Please see below for more info, and feel free to copy + paste and share with your networks or an alum who may be interested.

The deadline has been extended to Sunday, May 21, 2023!

What is it? Through National Geographic Society’s ‘Storytelling for Impact’ curriculum, Public Allies is opening its first Storytellers Fellowship for alumni based in Washington D.C., Colorado, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Selected Fellows will work with a small local cohort (maximum 5 alumni per state) to complete the curriculum and co-produce a storytelling project that combines theme direction from Public Allies, and your own localized experience and creativity. A stipend will be awarded per Fellow, and a small supply budget will be dispersed per cohort.

What will I learn? In terms of the NatGeo curriculum, you will learn from world-class National Geographic photographers, videographers, and visual designers in a series of Storytelling for Impact online courses. Created in partnership with Adobe, this series will teach you how to use compelling photography, video, graphics, and audio to tell stories in the most impactful ways to inspire change. From a Public Allies Alumni perspective, we hope to help uplift your leadership journey thus far, and illuminate how you’re making a lasting impact in your local community.

What types of stories are you expecting? We want this to be largely determined by you and your Fellowship group. Our only guidelines in terms of what story you tell, are that it relate (in your interpretation) to your leadership journeys and the 6 Public Allies Core Values, and that they integrate a sense of your geographical place. With your permission, we’d like to share these stories with our larger Public Allies audiences.

What is the time & capacity needed to participate? Based on the module lengths, estimated practicum, and creative production, we estimate that interested applicants should expect a minimum 15-20 hours per month commitment. This may vary depending on your own level of experience, group dynamics, and time resources needed for your project. Please see the ‘Sample Schedule’ for more details and required attendance.

What materials will be provided? All of the Storytelling for Impact courses are available online. We will provide a paired guide that is meant to aid your learning and project management for the duration of the Fellowship. At this time we are not able to provide any physical equipment, but will supply each Fellowship team with a small budget. Please see the next session for other required materials.

What is the stipend? Each Fellow will receive a stipend total of $1000. The stipend will be paid our over the length of the Fellowship, approximately from June 1 to August 31. Pay schedule dates will be confirmed near the beginning of the Fellowship.

This is a great opportunity for alumni who:
✅ Want to learn/sharpen your storytelling for impact skills.
✅ Do not yet have photography, videography, graphic design, or audio experience and want to learn more.
✅ Like the cohort-learning model and enjoy working in teams.
✅ Want to be back into the Public Allies community space.
✅ Apply the 6 Core Values of Public Allies to their work, communities, and beyond.
✅ You have a story to share with the world.

More details and requirements within the application ⤵

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