Public Allies CEO Jaime Uzeta Calls for Expanded National Service Opportunities for Individuals from Underserved Communities

Public Allies CEO Jaime Uzeta testified before the National Commission on Military, National and Public Service on March 29th, 2019 at the Bush School of Government at Texas A&M University, College Station, TX. The 11-member bipartisan commission is tasked with comprehensively reviewing the Selective Service System, along with military, national and public service.

Jaime was one of the featured panelists for the National Service Hearing: Creating More National Service Opportunities panel, which focused on exploring “options to support an expansion of national service in America, including requirements for new sources of funding, new program models, systems, infrastructures, and/or partnerships.”

Jaime encouraged the Commission to examine how national service can continue to expand its impact in the following ways:

1. Encouraging greater national service participation from underserved communities.
2. Diversify the types of organizations that can engage with national service.
3. Encourage the federal government to incentivize the engagement of nontraditional participants in service, such as Opportunity Youth and formerly incarcerated citizens returning communities.

Jaime was joined in the panel by Kaira Esgate, CEO, America’s Service Commissions; Brian Larkin, Program Officer of Flint, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation; Natalye Paquin, Esq., President and CEO, Points of Light; and Shirley Sagawa, CEO and Founder, Service Year Alliance.

Given that only a few that are offered this prestigious platform, this was a powerful opportunity for Public Allies to shape the future of national service. Jaime stated:

“As one of the original AmeriCorps programs, we feel strongly about the need and opportunity to make National Service more accessible to youth from underserved communities. To that end, this was an excellent opportunity to help inform the Commission’s ultimate recommendations to policy makers.”

The hearing was one of 14 total public hearings the Commission is holding throughout 2019 before delivering their final recommendations to Congress, the President and the American people in March 2020.

Click here to watch a recording of the “Creating New National Service Opportunities” panel. Jaime’s prepared remarks are available here.