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Racial Equity Fundraising Campaign Supporters to Date

Racism and inequity are built into our institutions and systems. The historic and too-often tragic events of recent times have further illuminated just how deeply embedded they are.

There is an urgent need for a redesign–from the ground up.

Over the next decade, the policies and systems we create and perpetuate will disproportionately shape the next century. We must act quickly and decisively now to help our country emerge from this transformation without the structural racism that pervades virtually every aspect of America today and continues to hinder democracy and the economic growth and stability of our nation.

Public Allies has the experience and expertise to catalyze a dramatic shift and ultimately create a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable future for all.

But in order for us to be the change agents the country needs, we need to strengthen our core program and accelerate our work.

To that end, we are launching a $75 Million three-year comprehensive campaign.

The campaign revolves around four primary pillars of work:


A deep, robust pipeline of proximate leaders.

Through our signature Ally program we are developing a pipeline of creative problem solvers that will impact our country for generations to come.

The leadership of our Allies has shaped cultures and changed policies. Our apprenticeship program has produced strong and long-lasting results for our Allies, the organizations that host them, and the broader communities and systems in which they serve.

Systems change through the activation of a community-centered, equity focused network.

Public Allies has a base of thousands of alumni who embody the perspectives we need to lead the way in our country today. They are an established network of diverse leaders who can leverage their influence, mobilize others, and re-design our nation’s institutions from the ground up. And they are ready and willing to answer our call.

An authentic and purposeful diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racist mindset across industries.

In order to come through this transition with systems that work for and support everyone, we need to ensure that all institutions, industries, and sectors adopt more inclusive cultures. To do this, we must substantially increase the number of diverse and inclusive institutions and systems that demonstrate ongoing equity- and results-driven leadership practices. This can be done through providing essential tools, training, and support.

Organizational Sustainability in the Near- and Long-Term

Our ability to remain a stable, well-resourced organization will be key to ensuring we can deliver on the goals set forth in this campaign and catalyze the dramatic shift towards a more diverse, inclusive and equitable future for all.

At Public Allies, we know that equity requires a fundamental rethinking of leadership, including who leads and how they lead. The leaders of a just society will seek solutions with members of the community–not for them. Bringing America through this inflection point requires anti-racist leaders who have insight into a new way forward.

For three decades, Public Allies has been a pioneer in recruiting and developing equity-focused change makers. We have built a powerful network of more than 8,000 proximate-to-the-challenge leaders who bridge races, ethnicities, socioeconomic levels, and cultures.  Holding roles ranging from elected officials to heads of foundations and organizations, they reflect systems redesigners, policy shapers, builders of  inclusive cultures, and transformers of communities—ones that accept, value,  and view the differences we all bring to  the table as strengths.

Our Leaders represent the communities that sit at the center of today’s economic, health, and justice crises.

80% of Allies identify as BIPOC.

60% identify as women.

25% identify as LGBTQ.

40% are non-degreed.

70% serve in the communities from which they hail.

Public Allies’s mission is to create a just and equitable society and the diverse leadership to sustain it. This mission is rooted in a commitment to the most vulnerable
populations and to a redesign of the systems that fail to serve them. As a well-established leader actively advancing racial equity in America, we invite you to join us.

Want to learn more? Contact Laura Emir ( / 414-831-0966).

Public Allies's Racial Equity Campaign.