By 2018, 65% of jobs in the U.S. will require at least some college, yet only 40% of American adults aged 25 to 34 have attained a postsecondary degree. People of color in particular continue to face significant barriers to college access and completion. Similarly, racial and socioeconomic barriers to meaningful and family-sustaining employment perpetuate inequality and limit the life chances of too many promising young people.


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Our Education Pathway is an evidence-based initiative that transforms national service into a seamless bridge to college completion. It expands our proven AmeriCorps apprenticeship – comprised of full-time, work-based learning; 200 hours of personal success skills training; and individual support and coaching – by adding structured pathways to and through college.


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Our Career Pathway expands the AmeriCorps apprenticeship and accelerates graduates’ careers by providing intensive network building, professional skill building, career planning, and advancement supports.


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