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Everyone can lead and at Public Allies, everyone does

We challenge communities across the country to come together, embrace their differences and cultivate social change. We see having strong partnerships as key to fulfilling our mission. Nonprofit organizations that need to create, improve, or expand their services to meet community needs are welcome to apply to host an Ally. Allies have served at organizations focused on youth, education, economic development, health, arts, environment, and other social and community services.

Thousands of nonprofits have partnered with Public Allies since 1992 to provide apprenticeships for diverse, emerging leaders who are driven by our values and committed to strengthening their community. Our AmeriCorps Ally program is cost-effective, strengthens nonprofits, and connects your agency to a network of like-minded organizations. We also offer trainings, networking, collaboration, and opportunities to partner on special events that build community. Organizations should view Allies as valuable tools in expanding the capacity of the organization through greater effectiveness, efficiency, or reach.

Allies can strengthen your organization’s impact in many ways. Here are just a few examples:

  • Launch a new after-school program in public housing developments
  • Improve case management systems to provide better services for clients and community
  • Expand teen leadership programs to reach more youth
  • Create asthma outreach programs for public school children

As a Partner Organization, you agree to:

  • Provide direct Ally supervision, support, and reporting on service objectives
  • Contribute a portion of the Ally’s stipend
  • Create a well-defined position with significant responsibilities and measurable service objectives over 10 months


We help our partners increase their capacity to achieve their mission by matching them with diverse, talented individuals from the community. Here is how we’ve helped some of our partners.

% of partners that would recommend to colleagues that they host an Ally
% of partners reporting their organization's capacity increase has been sustained 3 months after the Ally's service

To learn more about hosting an Ally, contact a local staff member directly at a location near you, and complete our online application here, after which you’ll be contacted by one of our local staff.

Bring Public Allies to Your Community

If you are interested in discussing the role Public Allies could play in your community, contact Ashley Lee at