Leadership is not a position to be held, but an action to be taken.


Public Allies is a national movement committed to advancing social justice and equity by engaging and activating the leadership of all people.

Since 1992, we have helped thousands of underrepresented emerging leaders serve our country, get on successful pathways to higher education and careers, and bring communities together to work for the common good. We operate our signature AmeriCorps program in multiple communities nationwide.



To create a just and equitable society and the diverse leadership to sustain it.


Meet the Newest Members of the Leadership Team

Last week, we shared with you the news about Jenise Terrell’s return to Public Allies as Interim CEO. Her experience, centering of Public Allies values, and effective leadership make her the right choice to lead Public Allies during this period of growth and renewal.   Today we are excited to share that Jenise has hired Read More

Join us in welcoming our Interim CEO

  We’ve heard loud and clear that we need to recenter on our organizational values at Public Allies. In that spirit, the Board of Directors of Public Allies is pleased to announce that Jenise Terrell has been asked and agreed to rejoin Public Allies as Interim CEO. Jenise has deep knowledge of and appreciation for Read More

Public Allies Board Statement, 8/12/22

Since our last update, the Public Allies Board of Directors continues to listen, learn and understand where we are as an organization and how we can create a path forward that aligns our actions with our mission and our values. We are committed to sharing what we are learning and decisions we are making in Read More

Public Allies Board Statement, 7/15/22

The mission of Public Allies has never been more critical. As a board, we are committed to ensuring that PA is not only able to continue delivering on that mission — but also operating in alignment with the change we want to see in the world.   Over the past week, we have heard from Read More


Several Public Allies locations are still accepting applications to serve in our 10 Month Apprenticeship Program or host an Ally.  Click the buttons below to learn more.

About Our Allies:

AmeriCorps Allies are individuals from our communities who are committed to making a difference through service, and who are looking for an opportunity to build skills and a network of emerging grassroots leaders. Our AmeriCorps Ally program, which generally lasts 10 months and is a paid opportunity with benefits, is available to all, without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, criminal record, political affiliation, marital or parental status, military service, community, or social affiliations. Anyone over 17 years with a high school diploma or GED, and who is a U.S. citizen or has permanent residency, is welcome to apply.