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Thank you for sharing an opportunity with our Public Allies Alumni! Our network is an ecosystem of equity-driven leaders who span generations, sectors, and other brilliant multitudes. To maintain the integrity of the postings presented to our beloved community, we ask that you read through our guiding questions below before posting.
Are we going to make you sign to agree to these terms? Nah. Will we take down or politely decline your submission if we find something misaligned? Perhaps. As Public Allies Alumni, we covet the core values and leadership actions instilled during our Ally year. Thus extra care and consideration is put forth in the hopes of nurturing this alignment of who we are and what we do.
The Logistical Stuff:
  • Do I have a link or contact information where those interested can find more information?
  • Does this opportunity have a specific deadline?
  • Do I have 3 to 5 minutes to submit this post?
The Important Stuff:
  • Is the organization associated with this posting aligned with Public Allies’ 6 Core Values & 10+1 Leadership Actions?
    • For example, at Public Allies we are committed to eradicating the pervasive and systemic racial, gender, and socioeconomic barriers to meaningful and sustaining employment that perpetuate inequality and limit opportunity. We believe pay equity and transparency in the hiring process are the first steps.
  • Does my posting have a clear description and expectations?
  • If it is a paid opportunity, is the salary or rate listed? (Posts for paid opportunities will not be published if it does not include this information.)
We’re human, and may not catch everything! If you have a concern or questions about your posting or a published post, send us a message at