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Empowering Voices

Community is one of the most vital aspects of our lives. It provides an opportunity to develop others and experience support. This can be especially true for single parents as they navigate through their lives, schedules and work. Finding a community that has this deep level of understanding and care can make a world of difference when choosing a career path.


Tamara Favors (Public Allies Los Angeles ’20 & ’21), discovered Public Allies through exploration as a first-generation college graduate. Upon talking to a family friend about career paths, values, and interests they recommended Public Allies.


Before graduating college it was essential for Tamara to use her degrees but she didn’t want to be at the forefront of capitalism. As a socially and politically aware person she understood these structures well. This was one of the driving factors to joining and getting excited about PA as this awareness aligns with PA core principles. To her, it is important to give back to the surrounding community. She cares deeply about culture, community, and people. This has been a focus as she has wanted to pursue a career that builds and gives back to communities that she is directly involved in. Setting an example for her daughter and her family on exactly how to partake in the development of communities for the betterment of all has been a key goal in her life.


Tamara still applies a skill she gained from her time at PA: setting boundaries both in life and at work. Reflecting on the concept of ‘Intersectionality’ by Kimberlé Crenshaw, she emphasized how her multiple identities as a Black, mixed woman-parent intersect, shaping her experiences in the workplace. Tamara expressed, “I am not just a woman; I am also a Black woman with many other identities. Recognizing intersectionality is vital, especially for a Black woman in the workplace, where expectations are often higher. Learning to establish workplace boundaries, avoid overworking, and communicate effectively were significant takeaways for me.”


According to Tamara, PA is an experience, where she was very open about being a parent. All of PA and her cohort cherished and cared about that. She stated, “Something at the forefront of the Public Allies experience was that even though it was virtual during part of my first year and my second year, everyone was always asking how is Saline, her daughter, How is she doing? Hi Saline! And even the first retreat, she went to the first-year retreat. The second year she didn’t go to but even when the second year came about everyone was asking if Saline was going to come. Just for my experience and other parents and caretakers in there that was helpful to have because again, I just graduated college and didn’t have funds for child care sometimes or navigate who would pick up my daughter or who would have her during the retreat days.


PA is a family at the end of the day, it is a community. That was very important to me.”


Tamara’s story is very heartwarming and celebrates her resilience, leadership, and commitment to social change. It is clear to see what separates PA from other organizations. Ensuring community is developed and cared for in the ways that truly matter. No matter someone’s background or experience, we all have an equal seat at the table.


It can be challenging to be a single mom but organizations like PA strive to provide unique opportunities to boost social impact and justice and foster communities with support. As we honor the contributions of women throughout history, Tamara stands as a testament to the transformative power of women in shaping communities and fostering equity and justice.


written by Maria Clara Tanner