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The Benefits of Collective Leadership

At Public Allies, we believe that Everyone Leads and that we can lead better, together. Our core values of collaboration and focusing on assets allow us to lean fully into the practice of celebrating shared power.

The way in which society works toward a just and equitable future for all is just as important (if not more so) than what is being achieved along the way.


Better decisions and increased effectiveness

A major benefit is that collective leadership and multiple perspectives result in more effective decisions than when people at the top make decisions, because those who will be affected have a chance to provide feedback, ideas, and even direction.


Shared responsibility

In traditional models, the few people at the top often feel burdened and alone. These managers and supervisors often feel like everyone is turning to them for answers, and the pressure is exhausting. When responsibility is shared, managers feel like they are surrounded by resourceful people—and distributing the responsibility they have among others is a relief. Those at the bottom of the hierarchy are often underutilized, with an unfulfilled desire to contribute more. They are hungry for more responsibility.

When the responsibility is shared, the work is easier and more fun for everyone involved.



Sustainability is often elusive without collective leadership. If everything depends on one person and that person leaves, what happens? Work grinds to a halt, or the person’s absence results in missing knowledge and information that are difficult to recover.

In contrast, where there is collective leadership, there will be knowledge, responsibility, and information shared across a group.


Public Allies is dedicated to disrupting systems that impact marginalized communities, while listening, learning, and working together across differences to build the common good. Join us.

Source: Nonprofit Quarterly