Public Allies is a social justice organization committed to changing the face and practice of leadership by recruiting and training talented young leaders, with a passion for social impact, to create meaningful change in our community. Our Allies are diverse, equity-centered, innovative problem solvers, dedicated to mobilizing community assets to develop solutions to local challenges. In partnership with nonprofit partners, we deliver our nationally recognized, values-driven, results-led apprenticeship to advance our mission to create a just and equitable society and the diverse leadership to sustain it.

Public Allies Central Florida is a of program of Embrace Families Solutions. Our program is made possible through funding from AmeriCorps.

Public Allies Central Florida

  • 4001 Pelee St., Suite #200
    Orlando, FL 32817


To create a just and equitable society and the diverse leadership to sustain it.


“Public Allies [is] all about promise – finding it, nurturing it, and putting it to use.”

– Former First Lady, Michelle Obama

Core to our values is a belief that we are all on a journey to grow as individuals and as leaders in our community. Where will your journey take you?


Public Allies program helps disadvantaged young adults find jobs in nonprofit sector

Public Allies is competitive and designed for people wanting to find a place in the world of nonprofits and government. “It is pretty much a full time job. They work approximately 42.5 hours a week, and you really have to have those people that want to have that. They have to have that drive, and they want to be able to buy into the process,” said Danielle Abbey, a former Public Allies graduate and CBC of Central Florida communications manager.