Mackendy Blanc, Program Director

Mackendy is the Program (Site) Director of Public Allies here at Eagle Rock. Mackendy is responsible for the Public Allies Fellowship program serving on the Professional Development Center team. As a person of color and immigrant living here in the United States, he understands first hand the need for a school like Eagle Rock that is challenging and changing the educational experience for the next generations. It is an honor and privilege for Mackendy to be part of such a group and family.

In a world with so much anguish and volatility, Mackendy spent a decade transcending some of the rigid social lines within societies in over 20 communities in six countries. In order words, Mackendy leads to social impact initiatives that power others to tackle pressing challenges and lead impactful lives. Mackendy’s work focused on invigorating and equipping the underdogs of the world with the necessary tools, network, mindset, and courage to unleash a lifetime of impact and be their spur. Mackendy founded an entrepreneur development program called Katalyst Konbit with a mission to discover and catalyzed entrepreneurs and innovators toward building their journey, company, and innovation at scale.

Mackendy was born and raised in Haiti, then migrated with his family at the age of 12 to the United States (Brooklyn, New York). Currently, Mackendy is completing his Bachelor of Science (August 2021) Entrepreneurship degree at Lynn University.


Mackendy Blanc


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