Roxy Azuaje, Site Director


Roxy is a creative leader & relationship builder focused on helping people harness their individual and collective power. She’s been working in the non-profit sector for 10 years and has been involved with Public Allies in different capacities since 2013. She currently serves as the site director for Public Allies Miami. 

Roxy’s also a mother, a professional photographer, a Buddhist leader in her local SGI-USA Buddhist organization and an aspiring Roller Skater influencer.

Lucia Sicius, Program Manager

Originally and proudly from Miami, Lucia Sicius is a huge advocate for positive empowerment, unity through creativity and communication, powerful engagement, personal understanding, and leadership. As a graduate from Florida State University, she received a degree in Biological Sciences.

She has worked with nonprofits and organizations focused on education, community development, and leadership. She has had experience with Public Allies for two years as a Residential Life fellow, and a Societies & Cultures fellow. She has also worked with the PeaceJam Organization as a Mentor Coordinator in which she planned, implemented, and emceed two conferences which connect Nobel Laureates with youth leaders. 

By passion, Lucia is a musician who hopes to create opportunities for the intersection of music and personal/community empowerment. She also appreciates the beauty of traveling and is an advocate for the expansion of opportunities for everyone to travel as a way of expanding our understanding of humanity and globalizing our lens. In her position as Program Manager for Public Allies- Miami she looks forward to collaborating with Allies, staff members, and community partners to develop our unique leadership capabilities and build inclusive and change-making spaces everywhere we go.