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“Awakening”: A Poem

“Awakening” is a spoken word piece by alum Rajah Satterwhite (North Carolina ‘17):

I gotta full beat face
And a bigger waist
Tip-toeing in my block heels
Trying to cultivate hope so my block heals
Every night I stay plotting awake
These injustices too much, I don’t know how much more we can take
Focusing on all the things
Nearly clipped my wings
So I find peace in my anger and rage
Will not let them become my cage
Turn into myself
Discovering new ways to appreciate and take care of myself
Cutting out western norms and reevaluating the value I gave them
Reivesting in the new system
Passing the mic to people who look like me
Uplifting those who want everyone to really be free
So I’m keeping my nose in the journals, research papers and books
Joining the networks of groups who know Diversity is more than how the org chart looks
Inclusion is more than offering a seat at your table
Community is standing in the gaps for those who are differently-able
Here, still, because Jella Mae Fuller prayed over a vision of me
It’s only fitting that I contribute to good trouble for generations that have yet to be.

This piece is part of Public Allies’ campaign to highlight voices of Black members, Alumni, staff, and partners throughout Black History Month.