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Does this look TOO Tuesday?

No doubt by now your digital space is c h o c k f u l l of Giving Tuesday messages. Surprise, here’s another from yours truly!


But listen, if you know anything about being a proud Public Allies Alum and our newsletters, then you know anything we do, we’re gonna hit different.

We invited Shavonda Sisson (PA Milwaukee ‘08-’10), Alumni-elected Board Member and our very own Anthony Espinoza (PA Milwaukee ‘18) for a special episode of the Alumni 2 Alumni Storytelling Project. Shavonda and Tony kick off our much anticipated series to reminisce about their experiences as Allies. Tony tells us how he holds the unofficial record of family members to go through the program, and Shavonda shares the story of how she caravanned several of her cohort-mates (albeit late, but there!) to Friday training days.



Most importantly, they discuss the PA Alumni connection, what their dreams are for Public Allies’ reimagined future, and why right now is an important time to think about what time, talents, and treasures PA Alumni can give back.

We believe in the power of shared stories and the diverse leadership, like Shavonda and Tony’s, that lies within our powerful Alumni network. This Giving Tuesday, your contributions to Public Allies will continue these conversations, help us reach new Allies, and grow our beloved Alumni community.

Your donation, no matter the size, will give the next wave of leadership a platform to create real and sustainable change.


As Alumni, here’s how we can each make impact:

Donate: Send us the cash moneys if you’ve got it at this Alumni giving link

Listen: Subscribe to the PA Alumni podcast on Spotify and catch Shavonda & Tony’s full episode

Amplify: Share the episode on your socials and tag Public Allies on all the things

Connect: Reach out to the Alumni team if you have ideas, stories, or expertise to share

P.S. Today serves as an opportunity for individuals to set up recurring gifts, which supports our work in the most sustainable ways beyond this single day of giving. Please consider making a monthly, quarterly, or annual gift to Public Allies.


If you’ve made it this far down, thank you for sticking with us! You could have been reading any other Giving Tuesday message, but you’re here with us.

Yours this Tuesday and every Tuesday in perpetuity,

Anthony, Chrisal & Jocelyn