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“For the Love of Art”: A Photograph

By Monea Bailey


At a young age, I would express my artistic freedom through varying outlets. Maturing my craft allows me to see how my gifts can be used to make room for the freedom of others. Through the stroke of a brush and the power of my lens, I aim to help my clients express their truth & beauty. Buying expensive equipment just makes you a person with a camera, but understanding the stories you can tell with an image is what makes someone a photographer. 

Being a part of an opportunity like this creates space for someone like me to be creative in a way that has no limits while  sharing Black history. What I love about art the most is that you can explore through various mediums and be impactful with each one. In addition to photography, I also share a love for music and modern art. I’ll never forget when my mother gave me a camera shaped necklace and the message said “Focus on what is important. Capture the good times. Develop from the negatives, and if things don’t work out, take another shot.” As an African-American woman, my hope is that even through my mistakes, someone can still find beauty in it; the way art is supposed to be. 







Monea Bailey (she/her) is a current Ally at Public Allies Delaware.  

This piece is part of Public Allies’ campaign to highlight Black voices in our network in honor of Black History Month.