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Maintaining Hope

by Andreu Rydbom.

Recently, Andreu Rydbom (Public Allies Central Florida ’23), surprised us with a one-of-a-kind painting to celebrate the bond within our movement. This beautiful piece is a timely reminder to reflect on on our past while maintaining hope for the future.

It was only a year ago, in a painful and misguided restructuring, that many Public Allies sites around the country were shuttered and many of our colleagues lost their jobs. This event was not at all in line with our values as an organization.

But as Allies, we learn to focus on assets. So – we are grateful that the new leadership of Public Allies is leading us on a journey of reconciliation and healing, and including us in spaces that envision an emboldened future. We are grateful for a strong cohort of Allies, almost at the end of their service year, who have so much promise and positivity.

And, we value the strength of our remaining sister sites. Andreu’s powerful artwork includes the poppy for our friends at Public Allies Los Angeles, the bluebonnet for Public Allies San Antonio, the peach blossom for Public Allies Delaware, the yucca blossom for Public Allies New Mexico, the saguaro blossom for Public Allies Arizona the peony for Public Allies Indianapolis, the mountain laurel for Public Allies Pittsburgh the violets for Public Allies Chicago, Public Allies Wisconsin – and of course, the orange blossom for Public Allies Central Florida.

Thank you, Andreu, for sharing your gift. May your art reignite hope and drive in all of us.





Andreu Rydbom is an current Ally at Public Allies Central Florida.


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