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Public Allies Streamlines, Restructures to Improve Operations and Expand Impact in Communities


July 7, 2022



30-Year-Old Organization has Engaged Nearly 10,000 Diverse Leaders


MILWAUKEE, WIS –  Public Allies today announced a restructuring of the nonprofit organization that will position it to continue advancing equity-focused change-makers across the country. Launched 30 years ago, the organization has engaged nearly 10,000 diverse leaders who bridge races, ethnicities, regions, socioeconomic levels, and cultures.

Visionaries Vanessa Kirsch and Katrina Browne launched the proud legacy of Public Allies in 1992, and the organization benefited from the brilliance of First Lady Michelle Obama – who was the first executive director of the Chicago office – and so many others. The majority of Public Allies alumni work in public service or with nonprofits, providing a pipeline of leaders committed to bringing economic and social justice to all communities.

“With our roots and heritage very much in our hearts and on our minds, our organization is charting a new course into the future,” said Jaime Uzeta, CEO of Public Allies. “There will be significant benefits from the changes. Our smaller footprint will allow Public Allies to better support remaining sites and staff, boost morale and engagement, lower costs, reinvigorate our operating partners, serve more people, and fulfill our mission at a time when the nation needs the leadership of our Allies the most.”

The restructuring streamlines the organization, strengthens core operations, broadens the organization’s impact, and diversifies sources of revenue. Some local sites will be closing, and the national office will be reorganized, resulting in staff layoffs. “We are deeply grateful to all our Allies and alumni for sharing their journey with us. And we are grateful for every staff member and donor who has made this critical work possible.” says Kanwar Singh, Board Chair. “Today, Public Allies is taking the critical steps necessary to ensure we can continue this important work into the future.” 


About Public Allies

Public Allies is a 501c3 national nonprofit committed to advancing social justice and racial equity by engaging and activating the leadership of all people. Our mission is to create a just and equitable society and the diverse leadership to sustain it. For 30 years, Public Allies has been a pioneer in recruiting and developing equity-focused change-makers. We have been honored to lift up nearly 10,000 diverse leaders from underrepresented communities into the social change sector where they have made, and continue to make, significant impact across the country.