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“Pride in the Movement”: A Poem

By Elle Halo


I am a strong, black, woman of trans experience . Every single time I say it, I feel so much better. —Britney Griner 

Pride in the movement is power

That we built up for ourselves instead 

of the power stolen from us 

Stolen from the land 

And built upon our backs 

It’s that moment 

When you have your first big laugh after mourning an incredible loss

Too many losses

It’s that moment when you go from surviving to thriving 

Screaming to Speaking

Protect Black Trans Womxn 

Pride is taking a little more control over your destiny each day

Pride in the movement is: I’m not just doing this for me

Pride is doing the right thing

Even when it hurts

Breaking your own heart

Protect Black Trans Womxn 

You risk losing your family, your mind, your body to be free

Its the hugs, the dancing, the drag, and the love for me 

That lifts you up after saying, I don’t want to do this anymore 

Exploding colors, walking ’til you can’t anymore 

The pride in the movement is giving the mic to those without a voice

Seeing those faces you never get to see 

Seeing our family, our siblings who only come out at this time cause it’s the only time they feel safe 

Finding our place 

Protect Black Trans Womxn

Pride is marching in defense of black lives 

We are Black, we are strong, we are standing 

Black LGBTQ+ issues are Black issues 

Standing your ground

The right hand throwing a brick at the right time 

Pride is the good trouble makers 

they will never erase you

It’s this reminder 

We should not just be free for a day, a weekend, a month, or a season

How free we are today is how free we should feel every day of the year! 

Pride is setting your rate, your standards and conditions 

Pride is remembering who you are 

A Queen of Sheba, a Goddess, a silent storm 

Getting out of bed as not just a personal victory but as an act of revolution

Protect Black Trans Womxn 

Pride is moving knowing that God has ordered your steps

Pride is knowing that we only get the time we have 

Knowing that you will never be here again 

That the things of this world are fleeting and that family is all that matters, even if you have to fight and search for it 

It’s the transformation when you get off of work

Pride in the movement is fighting for people who do not fight for you

People who choose to scrutinize and ostracize you inside and outside of the “community”

Protect Black Trans Womxn

I need you 

I’d beg if it would make a difference

I can’t protect us

I can’t protect myself

I’m in danger

But I’mma live with love and the joy that I have

The world didn’t give it and the world cant take it away

Pride in the movement is knowing why the caged bird sings and singing anyway 

Pride in the movement is working everyday of the year to build visible programming and the message being lost before people even get home

Pride is flexing a new body

Pride is living with your decisions 

Pride is remembering who you are

Creativity, vision, strength, courage

Busted lips 

Blackened eyes 

Broken ribs 

Don’t lose this message 

Protect Black Trans Womxn

I can’t protect us 

I need you to help us be safer and move smarter 

I need you to show me that you heard me

Pride in the movement is up lifting all our mothers, femmes, queens, and keeping them safe 

Pride in the movement means I will fight until I die

It takes no compromise to give people their rights…it takes no money to respect the individual. It takes no political deal to give people freedom. It takes no survey to remove repression. —Harvey Milk 

Elle Halo is an LGBTQ+ Health Equity Advocate and alum of Public Allies Milwaukee (’19, ’20).

This piece is part of Public Allies’ campaign to highlight voices of LGBTQ+ members, alumni, staff, and partners throughout Pride Month.