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Public Allies Board Statement, 8/12/22

Since our last update, the Public Allies Board of Directors continues to listen, learn and understand where we are as an organization and how we can create a path forward that aligns our actions with our mission and our values. We are committed to sharing what we are learning and decisions we are making in real-time to work to heal and repair our network of valued staff, Allies, alumni and partners.


First we want to thank the staff for their incredible work to make Public Allies the vital force it has become. Without them, there would be no Public Allies.


The aftermath of the events on July 7th impacted everyone involved. Our staff and partners’ willingness to collaborate with us to build a stronger Public Allies is invaluable. Every piece of feedback we get is taken in the spirit given and we appreciate and respect those who have invited us to meetings and shared what will make Public Allies a more inclusive, values-based organization.


Steps we have taken to respond to feedback and put Public Allies on a solid path so it can thrive in the long-term include:


  • Engaging with alumni, impacted staff, funders, our operating partners, our partners at Americorps and our site directors. This includes setting an upcoming Alumni gathering and engaging with our more than 10,000 Allies. 
  • Accepting the resignation of Jaime Uzeta, CEO.
  • Building a leadership team at the organization who can take the reins from the Board of Directors and rebuild once we are fully stabilized.
  • Ensuring Americorps is confident in our progress so we can continue our beloved apprenticeship program.
  • Doing everything we can to ensure that what happened on July 7th can never happen again at Public Allies including changing board governance, creating more accountability and transparency, and collaborating with the full Public Allies community so we benefit from its vast wisdom and experience.


We have a rare opportunity to learn tough lessons and strengthen this organization that is essential as we work to create the more just and equitable future we want in the U.S. We’re doing our best to repair the harms that were caused and create something better than we had before.


We are honored by the many people in the Public Allies community who have joined us in this effort. There are many who love this organization, and it shows. The passion, dedication and commitment to Public Allies is humbling and encouraging. Together, we can look forward to a bright future for this organization.


We welcome hearing from you. Please email the