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Public Allies Board Statement, 7/15/22

The mission of Public Allies has never been more critical. As a board, we are committed to ensuring that PA is not only able to continue delivering on that mission — but also operating in alignment with the change we want to see in the world.


Over the past week, we have heard from many different stakeholders that recent decisions about the structure of the organization, as well as the process by which those decisions were communicated, have caused pain, and were not in alignment with our values.


As a board, we are writing today to say that we are listening. We hear your concerns, emotion, and frustration. While we may not have responded yet, we are reading every email, and thinking deeply about the impact this has had on staff, alumni, and partners. We are taking your perspectives seriously and know that repair within our community is needed. Finally, we know that the PA community is sharing their concerns with us out of genuine care for Public Allies, which we deeply respect.


We are in discussions as a full board and executive team about the path forward. In the coming days and weeks, you will hear more from us about the plans we are putting in place to continue listening, acknowledging your perspectives, and hearing your thoughts about how we can move forward in alignment with our values.


Together, we can continue to activate the leadership the world needs. Thank you for loving Public Allies enough to weigh in so thoughtfully on its future.

Public Allies