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Statement on the Derek Chauvin Guilty Verdict

Photo Credit: Pool via Reuters

Let’s be clear: Justice would be George Floyd still alive. Justice would be the end of racism. The end of anti-Blackness that permeates every aspect of American life. The end of the police brutality that has become all too commonplace and a piercing testament of white supremacy.

We applaud today’s verdict, and we continue to mourn for the loss of George Floyd and extend peace to his family and all of those his life has touched.

Systemic racism pervades America’s institutions. The real verdict of guilt has been delivered long ago. The crime was as clear as day in the eyes of a nine-year-old who witnessed it firsthand. The deep seated racism on display for the world to see is far from unique. Chauvin is not an anomaly. Racism and inequity are products of design. They can and must be redesigned following the lead of powerful, yet woefully under-resourced, Black and Brown organizers across the country.

Today is yet another rallying cry in the long journey towards racial justice. That work requires centering our humanity, acknowledging the perpetual state of violence BIPOC folks endure in this country, grieving the losses all around us, and continuing to be in relationships and communities working towards liberation.

We send our love to the entire Public Allies community near and far and hope that you have the opportunity to take the time and space you need to heal in the wake of this terribly traumatizing trial.