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Two Public Allies Alumni Elected to Join the National Board of Directors

Public Allies continues to live up to its commitment to re-imagine its board structure, purpose, and governance with the goal of fully aligning with and living into its values.


MILWAUKEE, WI – Public Allies, an organization that has been dedicated to social justice and racial equity for thirty years, is honored to announce the appointment of two new board members to the Public Allies National Board of Directors, Dr. Meredith Shockley-Smith and Shavonda Sisson. The election of these two accomplished Black women alumni leaders is part of a broader commitment by the board to lead the rebuilding and re-imagining of Public Allies by bringing new talent, voices, knowledge, and lived experiences into the governing body.

“Across the country, our alumni have taken the training, relationships, and skills honed during their apprenticeships and used it to transform communities. ” says Jenise Terrell, Interim CEO of Public Allies. “Dr. Shockley-Smith and Ms. Sisson represent the fulfillment of Public Allies’ mission. Everyday they work to ensure a future where we all have the opportunity to live in thriving communities. I am proud to have these fellow alumni commit to bringing our shared values and dedication to cultivating the country’s next leaders to the Public Allies Board of Directors.”

“Partnership with our powerful network of over 9,000 alumni is critical to our future success,” says Kanwar Singh, Chair of the Public Allies National Board of Directors. “Dr. Shockley-Smith and Ms. Sisson are not only influential alumni but they are each in their own rights well-regarded, values-aligned leaders in their communities and in the fields of social justice and racial equity. We are honored to have them on our team.”


Dr. Meredith Shockley-Smith (Public Allies Cincinnati 2006-2007) currently serves as the Executive Director of Cradle Cincinnati, where she works with Black women to co-create sustainable communities to lower infant mortality in Cincinnati. She is also an educator and former professor.

At Queens Village, she takes her passion for Black Studies and Women & Gender Studies beyond the classroom to build stronger, more equitable relationships that benefit the greater community.



Shavonda Sisson (Public Allies Milwaukee 2009-2010) currently serves as Chief of Staff at Ubuntu Research and Evaluation, a consulting firm run by Black women who use liberation and beloved community frameworks to affect education, policy, and advocacy. From 2017 to 2022 Ms. Sisson served as Program Manager and then Director of Ally and Alumni Programs at PA Milwaukee.

In addition, since 2019 she has also been the director of Love on Black Women, a people-driven fund that disburses 100% of all funds raised directly to Black women and MaGes of Milwaukee who have identified a need for financial support.




About Public Allies

Public Allies is a 501c3 national nonprofit committed to advancing social justice and racial equity by engaging and activating the leadership of all people. Our mission is to create a just and equitable society and the diverse leadership to sustain it. Since 1992, we have been a pioneer in recruiting and developing equity-focused change-makers. We have built a powerful network of more than 9000 proximate leaders who bridge races, ethnicities, socioeconomic levels, and cultures. Holding roles ranging from elected officials to heads of foundations and organizations, they reflect system re-designers, policy shapers, builders of inclusive cultures, and transformers of cultures – ones that accept, value, and view differences that we all bring to the table as strengths.

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