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“Confidence” (A Love Letter to Black People)

“Confidence” is a love letter to Black people, written, composed, and performed by Christina Armstrong (an ‘07 alum and current staff member of our Chicago site), with support from band members: Tyrone Jackson – Bass Journey Burns – Percussion, Sound Engineering Kara Blaylock – Supporting Vocals Enjoy! This piece is part of Public Allies’ campaign Read More

“Four Tools That Can Harness Your Light”: An Essay

By John Broadway When day comes we step out of the shade, aflame and unafraid The new dawn blooms as we free it For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it If only we’re brave enough to be it. — Amanda Gorman, 2021 Inaugural Poet I hope Amanda Gorman’s loving call for unity inspired you to be the Read More

Statement on Attack of the Capitol

This week’s assault on our democracy—and flagrant display of white supremacy—was tragic and dismaying, yet sadly unsurprising in a country founded on (and still unwilling to truly reckon with) the genocide of one people and the enslavement of another. The same could be said about the gaping disparity in how these domestic terrorists were treated, Read More

A Decade of Service: Elizabeth Slater

Over 750,000 first time unemployment claims were filed last week, up to a quarter of all small businesses remain closed, and there is growing concern over the increase in substance abuse overdoses and suicide brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Yet for one Public Allies staff alum, there has never been a better time for Read More

5 Ways to Support Your Non-Binary Friends

While the majority of Americans are familiar with gender-neutral pronouns, far too many still feel uncomfortable using them. Since the world makes it challenging enough for them, it is crucial that we learn how to support friends, family members, and colleagues who identify as non-binary. Here are five simple ways to show that support, inspired Read More

Listen and Let Lead: Dr. Meredith Shockley-Smith

Whether it be students struggling with education, Black mothers losing babies, or a community beset by any number of issues, Dr. Meredith Shockley-Smith’s proposed solutions always start the same way: Listen to those most impacted. Let them lead.  Simple but true, this asset-based mindset has guided Meredith, an alum of Public Allies Cincinnati (‘07), through Read More

The Leaders Giving Us Hope Amidst a Chaotic 2020

In a year as chaotic as 2020, what gives you hope for the future? At Public Allies, we see hope in the many faces of emerging, diverse, values-driven leaders. Working in communities across the country, the tireless service of our Allies and alumni brings to life the vision of a more just and equitable society. Read More

Cisco Supports Public Allies with Fighting Racism and Discrimination Fund

Cisco established the Fighting Racism and Discrimination Fund in 2017 to elevate organizations, including Public Allies, working for social justice. Cisco employees have been invited to contribute to the Fund and over 3,000 have answered the call, raising hundreds of thousands in donations and Cisco Foundation matching in support of this important work. On June 1, Read More

In a Historic Election, Alumni Led the Way

While the chaos of this election cycle will be analyzed for years to come, the leadership and impact of our alumni on the election was resoundingly clear. Across the country, Public Allies alumni ran for office and empowered others to do the same, and participated in game-changing efforts to organize and mobilize our communities. Their Read More

Powering a Sustainable Future: Garrison Davis

To Garrison Davis, the nature preserve bordering his childhood home was a sanctuary. “It’s where I went to think, relax, and appreciate life,” he says. Now, his mission is to protect that preserve and the environment we all share. Garrison’s service journey started shortly after high school. Joining the Public Allies Delaware AmeriCorps apprenticeship program Read More

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