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Public Allies Milwaukee Member Establishes New Art Gallery

The following is the transcript of an interview conducted by Public Allies Milwaukee with AmeriCorps member Ni’Sea Thurman-Wamubu, who is serving this year with Public Allies at the Victory Garden Initiative (VGI). Public Allies Milwaukee: Congrats on your Seeds of Liberation Gallery opening. The gallery is an inspiring creative project! Tell us the why of Read More

Direct, with Respect: Sending Email Like a Pro

Communication strategies are an essential piece of Public Allies’ professional development training. How you speak—and are spoken to—in the workplace can have a major impact on your own mental health and how others perceive you. Email is no exception. As straight-forward as it may seem, learning to send effective email can improve your daily experience Read More

AAPI Heritage Month: 4 Ways to Celebrate and Support

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Throughout the pandemic, AAPI communities have been subjected to increased hate and harassment. According to Stop AAPI Hate, hate crimes have increased by 1900%, with many cases involving elders. Together we can end this. Here are four ways to get started: 1. Keep Learning Use the countless books, Read More

These Terms Reinforce Mental Illness Stigma

Do you still throw around words like “crazy” or “psycho?” Despite being common (crazy is in the top 2,000 words used by Americans), terms like this actually reinforce stigma around those with mental illness. The Impact of Ableist Language Ableist language has several negative impacts: It draws on unconscious biases. Who decides what is and Read More

Allies in Action on Earth Day

On this Earth Day, we celebrate our Public Allies AmeriCorps members and partner organizations working daily for sustainability and environmental justice. Aiti Rai and Jayson Hughes (Connecticut) partner with KNOX to build greener, stronger, healthier and more beautiful neighborhoods in Hartford. “I believe that everyone should have access to healthy food,” says Aiti. “My passion Read More

Statement on the Derek Chauvin Guilty Verdict

Let’s be clear: Justice would be George Floyd still alive. Justice would be the end of racism. The end of anti-Blackness that permeates every aspect of American life. The end of the police brutality that has become all too commonplace and a piercing testament of white supremacy. We applaud today’s verdict, and we continue to Read More

Practice Consent, Model Consent

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, a perfect time to practice and model consent in your everyday actions. What is Consent? An explicit agreement to be physically intimate with someone. What isn’t Consent? An agreement made by someone who is underage, intoxicated, or pressured. What Does Consent Look Like? Asking permission Double-checking Stopping upon request Read More

Hashtags that Changed the World

Some of the biggest and most impactful social justice movements were inspired or amplified by a simple hashtag: #BlackLivesMatter Started in 2013 Movement comprises many people & groups Originated by Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, & Opal Tometi Main goal is to end police violence against Black people #NeverAgain Started in 2018 with a march Originated Read More

“Lectures from The Front Porch”: A Short Story

By Anjeneé Cannon “Damn fool!” you shouted as the showcase contestant bid over her prize amount. “I told her that was too high.” “You know people on the T.V. can’t hear you, right?” I smirked. “Mind your business!” you replied, sticking out your tongue, thumb on the tip of your nose, wagging the other digits. Read More

Statement on Recent Attacks Against Asian Americans

Malicious hate crimes against Asian Americans have been on the rise since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the U.S. On Tuesday in Atlanta, eight lives were tragically taken in another racist attack against the Asian community. We mourn the victims and we stand in solidarity with the many now living in fear and terror. It Read More