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“Lectures from The Front Porch”: A Short Story

By Anjeneé Cannon “Damn fool!” you shouted as the showcase contestant bid over her prize amount. “I told her that was too high.” “You know people on the T.V. can’t hear you, right?” I smirked. “Mind your business!” you replied, sticking out your tongue, thumb on the tip of your nose, wagging the other digits. Read More

Statement on Recent Attacks Against Asian Americans

Malicious hate crimes against Asian Americans have been on the rise since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the U.S. On Tuesday in Atlanta, eight lives were tragically taken in another racist attack against the Asian community. We mourn the victims and we stand in solidarity with the many now living in fear and terror. It Read More

Putting Equity on the Ballot: Anabel Maldonado

Anabel Maldonado needs some well-deserved rest after a big year. An alum of Public Allies Arizona (‘12), Anabel has not reached her 30th birthday, yet she has significantly impacted the political landscape of her home state of Arizona and beyond. Raised by Mexican immigrants who worked as support staff in Arizona Public Schools, Anabel grew Read More

Public Allies Welcomes New Director of Chicago Site

Public Allies welcomes Mark Payne, Public Allies Chicago Alumnus (’97), to the role of Executive Director for Public Allies Chicago. As Executive Director, Mark assumes the helm of the oldest, continuous-running site in the our network with a rich history of addressing the systemic inequities in one of the largest cities in the country. Mark’s Read More

Celebrating an Intersectional Women’s History Month

There is so much to celebrate during Women’s History Month, but we must be careful to ensure that celebration includes ALL women…and recognizes there is more work to be done for justice and equity. With help from Ms. Magazine, we can consider how to commemorate this important time in an intersectional way: What is intersectionality? Read More

“Cornbread and Collard Greens”: Recipes for Sankofa

By Lillian Holden “Now, don’t forget to pour out the smoked turkey juice from the pot, and don’t use the turkey broth for your green. It messes up the flavor,” exclaimed my well-wishing mother over the cell phone. It had been two years since moving from underneath my parents’ roof, and after longing for a Read More

“Gardening and Sankofa”: An Essay

By Gary Williams Oftentimes during Black History Month, we tend to think of large looming figures in history. This year, I have been really reflecting on people closer to home, specifically history within my own family. The reason I have gotten into gardening is because of my grandmother, Marian Young. My grandmother came at gardening Read More

“2020 Don’t Look Back”: A Poem

  “2020 Don’t Look Back” is a spoken word piece by alum Ray Johnson (Cincinnati ’20), who performs under the name Silence Priest. This piece is part of Public Allies’ campaign to highlight voices of Black members, Alumni, staff, and partners throughout Black History Month.

“Being Black Is Lit”: A Poem

  “Being Black Is Lit” is a spoken word piece by alum Kwyn Townsend Riley (Chicago ’19). This piece is part of Public Allies’ campaign to highlight voices of Black members, Alumni, staff, and partners throughout Black History Month.

“Awakening”: A Poem

“Awakening” is a spoken word piece by alum Rajah Satterwhite (North Carolina ‘17): I gotta full beat face And a bigger waist Tip-toeing in my block heels Trying to cultivate hope so my block heals Every night I stay plotting awake These injustices too much, I don’t know how much more we can take Focusing Read More