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“Dream”: A Poem

By Alexandra Smith


                     – after Gwendolyn Brooks

                   We think of lukewarm water, hope to get in it.


sunday morning sun shines through the open window to warm the tile, we

bump hips and your hand slips against the small of my back to pass, I think

this is as good as it gets, I get it. you glide to the fridge I left open, smelling of

the peppermint tea you drink when you’re happy, it rests lukewarm

on the table where the cat naps nearby (the tea & your happiness), water

wets your socked big toe (melted ice from midnight last night), I hope

the waffles don’t cool before the eggs scramble, I turn the eye up to

high, scrape the film from the sides of the skillet, patiently wait to get

next to you again, you reach, on the tips of wet toes for the cookie tin in

the cupboard atop the fridge, it tips into your waiting fingertips. this is it.



Alexandra Smith is an Ally (Central Florida ’22) and currently serves as the Language Arts & Community Programs Manager for Page 15

This piece is part of Public Allies’ campaign to highlight voices of Black Allies, alumni, staff, and partners throughout Black History Month.

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