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“Passion Paradox”: A Song

By Lucia Sicius


To listen to the full song, click here.


My name is Lucia Sicius. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida to the loving arms of a Chilean mother and an Italian-American father. I moved around between Miami, Spain, and Chile throughout my early life. This gifted me an immediate insight into the boundlessness of humans. And the acceptance of simultaneously contrasting truths.


This song attempts to capture this message and paradoxical experience in the realm of love, specifically queer love. I originally wrote this for my own understanding and healing. Strumming my inner thoughts until I could understand my own feelings. Now as the world listens, I hope to convey the importance of truly fearlessly living and loving.


As daunting as the paradox of love can be, eventually it opens you up to learn truths about yourself that will propel you forward into a reality you couldn’t previously imagine. I hope it serves as a reminder to choose yourself and believe your truth. 






Lucia Sicius (she/her) is a Program Manager at Public Allies Miami and an alumna of Public Allies Eagle Rock.

This piece is part of Public Allies’ campaign to highlight voices of LGBTQIA+ identifying humans in our network in honor of Pride Month.